About RAC

Regional Association Council Strategic Plan

RAC’s Vision:  
To be the indispensable industry resource for growth, innovation and information for regional associations.

RAC’s Mission:  The mission of the Regional Association Council is to enhance the success of the regional associations through Representation, Advocacy and Communication.

Goal 1:  Refine the “Who” and “How” of RAC
• Continuously review roles and responsibilities of the RAC Delegate and RAC Board members
• Develop a process to ensure accountability of RAC Board members
• Increase RAC Delegate engagement

Goal 2:  Define and communicate the “Why” of RAC
• Gather customer feedback on needs and wants
• Refine the brand
• Create a unified message
• Get loud

Goal 3:  Develop and deliver meaningful tools and resources to the regional community
• Build a knowledge community platform
• Evangelize PPAI’s strategic plan