About RAC

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Regional Association Council is to enhance the success of the regional associations through Representation, Advocacy and Communication.

Vision Statement:
To be the indispensable industry resource for growth, innovation and information for regional associations.

Any regional association whose members conduct business in the promotional products industry is qualified for membership in RAC. Each member shall appoint a person to be its RAC Delegate and this person shall represent, vote and act for the member in all RAC affairs. There are 27 regional associations in the promotional products industry, all of which belong to RAC.

RAC members are organized into five districts, as approved by the Delegate Assembly. Each member’s delegate shall form the membership of the district governing body. From those bodies, two delegates will be selected to serve on the RAC Board of Directors.

Current Board of Directors (bios & contact information)
Past Presidents

Strategic Plan 2017–2019
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Bylaws, or Policies & Procedures
    Contact Regional Relations Admin Valerie Schenewerk at valeries@ppai.org, or 972/258-3051