PPAI RAC Volunteer of the Year

The PPAI RAC Volunteer of the Year award honors the contributions of an individual who has demon­strated an outstanding level of volunteer leadership and made other significant and measurable contributions to one, or more regional associations.

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PPAI RAC Volunteer of the Year Award Winners:
2016—Ted Dennison, MAS (HPPA) and George Jackson (TRASA)—read HERE
—Lori Bauer (PPAF)—read HERE
2014—Houston Hale (PPAM) and Reg Marsh, MAS (SAAC)—read HERE; see acceptance
2013—Kevin Flynn, MAS (PPAChicago)and Larry Krause, MAS (HPPA, PPAS and RMRPPA)—read HERE
2012—Jon Pierce (NWPMA and PMANC) and Dana Zezzo, CAS (TRASA)—read HERE
2011—Wendy Franklin, MAS (PPAM)
2010—Michele Jennrich, MAS (PAPPA and SAAGNY) and Teri Ray, MAS (HPPA)

Questions?  Contact:
Melissa Weber
Regional Relations
MelissaW@ppai.org, or 972/258-3021


Questions?  Contact:
Christina Sanders
Volunteer Engagement and Recognition
ChristinaS@ppai.org, or 972/258-3070